Peoria Hard Money Lenders

When searching for hard money loans or  hard money lenders in Peoria, Brad Loans by eMortgage Inc. is here to help!  We offer hard money loans so you can get a new home, invest in a property, start a fix and flip project or whatever real estate need you may have.  Our wide range of hard money loan programs make it easy for you to select an option that fits your needs.  Whether you’re seeking a hard money loan for a property you want to occupy or rehabilitate we are here to help.

Peoria Hard Money Loans

BradLoans is a private hard money lender providing hard money loans in Peoria, Arizona. We offer hard money lending solutions for many different scenarios, including buy and hold loans, fix-and-flip loans, and private refinancing. We issue hard money loans with a maximum LTV of 70%, lending rates starting at 14.99%, and loan terms up to 12 months. We do not require their borrowers to have a great credit rating to receive a loan. We will consider varying lending requests but mainly focus on single and multi family residences.

“Hard Money Loans Saved My House”

I was about to lose my home two yrs ago and thank God I found Brad to approve me to get the loan I needed and saved my house. My house valued a lot more money since then, Thank you so much Brad and to all his team !! –  Tina Tam.

Read our 5 star reviews on Google to see how our hard money lending services help property buyers! 

Peoria’s Top Hard Money Lenders

Brad Loan by eMortgage is Peoria’s top hard money lender for owner occupants, property investors, fix and flip projects, and more!  We loan you the funding you need when the banks say no.  Our hard money loans are faster, easier to qualify for, and simply are an easier lending experience.  Click here to start your hard money loan application.

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