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When you are searching for hard money loans near me in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, or Gilbert, Arizona; Brad Loans is Arizona’s most trusted direct hard money lender!  We specialize in hard money loans for Fix and Flip, refinancing mortgages with bad credit, business loans secured by real estate, real estate purchases, short sales, and other endeavors with quick turnaround in the Phoenix Valley.

BradLoans.com is the most trusted direct hard money lender and private money lender in Arizona! We are the best hard money lender in Arizona with the ability to fund commercial & residential hard money loans many times within a couple days or less. Our lending rates and fees are reasonable compared to other Arizona hard money brokers or mortgage brokers in Arizona.

5 Star Review On Yelp:This company is a rare find in today’s market. They are honest, upfront and ethical in all of their dealings. They honor their commitments and go above and beyond to help throughout the process and thereafter. Brad and Amber are an absolute pleasure to deal with and are always willing to answer any questions. They are the real deal!!Bukky R. Read More Reviews

Hard Money Loans By eMortgage

We cater to real estate investors and home owners  who are interested in buying, financing, re-financing owner occupied or financing investment properties. We also offer hard money loans to corporate and business borrowers, single family homes, multi-family homes, secondary homes, horse properties, investment rentals and sales, restaurants, buy and hold, industrial building, office buildings, short sales, retail building, store loans, and bridge loans that cover gaps while your waiting on bank approved loans. Visit our Google Plus page for more information about our company.

When traditional banks and lenders let you down, count on BradLoans.com by eMortgage Inc. to come through for you in your time of financial need. Call now to speak to a live associate (602) 999-9499. We are the most knowledgeable, fastest, and most reliable loan lenders in Phoenix, AZ & the Phoenix Metro area. Hard Money Loan Definition & Explanation: A hard money loan is a specific type of asset-based loan financing in which a borrower receives funds secured by the value of real estate or a parcel. Hard Money lending is usually issued by companies or private investors. View our loan programs below or fill out our loan application form.

We are also a private investor in Arizona offering private hard money loans at a maximum rate of 80% loan to value and up to 100% with cross collateral, and we can get your funds to you in days! Tax returns are not needed, neither are pay stubs and bad credit or no credit is OK with us! So if you are looking for rehab loans, fix and flip loans, auction or otherwise, we are your #1 source. Call (480) 948-0880 to secure your hard money loan today, you won’t be disappointed! Private Hard Money Loan Definition & Explanation: A private money lender or private hard money lender is a non-institutional (not a bank) company or individual that lends or loans money, usually protected by noted or deed of trust, for the sole purpose of financing a real estate venture. Private hard money lending is usually categorized as relationship-based lending rather than hard money lending.

How to Qualify

Would you like to know how to qualify for or get a hard money loan? Have you had a Foreclosure? Short Sale? Discharged Bankruptcy?Are you a Non-US Citizen? No “Established Credit”? No Problem! Brad is Arizona’s…

What We Do

We are a Hard Money Lender, making real estate loans to both Owner Occupants & Investors in Arizona. Brad Gilbertson, the President and Principal of eMortgage Inc., has been involved in Az real estate since 1972.

Contact Us

BradLoans.com by eMortgage
7522 E McDonald Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85250
Office: 480-948-0880/ eFax: 1-888-392-3843
Licensed Mortgage Broker # MB0903436, NMLS # 195785

We Offer Hard Money Loans In & Around The Phoenix Valley

Loan Programs, Rates & Fees

Arizona Private Money & Hard Money Lenders

No Pre-Payment Penalty

Posted rates below are typical, however, your rates, terms fees may vary as loans are approved on a case by case basis.

Owner Occupied Loans up to 80% LTV

Investor Loans up to 70% LTV

Loans Up To 100% LTV With Cross Collateral

Purchase or Re-Finance

30 Year Fully Amortized Loans – No Balloon

No Pre-Payment Penalty

ALL LOANS BELOW REQUIRE $1920 IN FEES to eMortgage Inc. to cover Application fee, Underwriting,  Loan Processing , Document Preparation and Lender Inspection .  Borrower has option to pay “points” to buy the rate down by paying a Loan Origination fee of 2 to 6 points (2 to 6% of Loan Amount).

100% FINANCING AVAILABLE if borrower has an additional property that is free and clear or has a small mortgage in relation to value ( substantial equity) to pledge as additional collateral ( aka Cross Collateralized Loan).

30 Year Fully Amortized Loans – No Balloon

No Pre-Payment Penalty

Purchase or Re-Finance

Hard Money Loan Rates Phoenix 2018

LTV Interest Rate Loan Origination Fee
70-80% LTV 11.99 6 points ( $3,000 minimum) + $1,920
12.99 4 points ( $2,000 minimum) + $1,920
13.99 2 points ( $1,000 minimum) + $1,920
14.99 0 points + $1,920

LTV Interest Rate Loan Origination Fee
60-69% LTV 10.99 6 points ( $3,000 minimum) + $1,920
11.99 4 points ( $2,000 minimum) + $1,920
12.99 2 points ( $1,000 minimum) + $1,920
13.99 0 points + $1,920

LTV Interest Rate Loan Origination Fee
59% LTV or Less 9.99 6 points ( $3,000 minimum) + $1,920
10.99 4 points ( $2,000 minimum) + $1,920
11.99 2 points ( $1,000 minimum) + $1,920
12.99 0 points + $1,920

Fix & Flip Investor Loan

INVESTOR FIX AND FLIP 14.99% 0 points + $1,920


Up to 100% LTV Available With Cross Collateral

below re: financing of
renovations and improvements.

Learn More About: Hard Money Loans With No Money Down

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