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Is A Down Payment Required For Hard Money Loans?

If you are wondering whether hard loans require a down payment, read on to learn more. The majority of hard money lenders out there do require a down payment. They’ll take a look at your credit score, experience, and maybe a few other factors, and then calculate [...]

Calculating A Bridge Loan?

(insert pic)   Read on to learn more about calculating the cost of a bridge loan. Rates will actually vary between lenders, but below is an average estimate for a bridge loan. The interest rate will fluctuate, but for this instance, we will use 8.5%. These types […]

Using A Hard Money Loan For Business

If your business does not qualify for a traditional business loan but you are needing funding. a hard money loan may be an option open to you as they are an alternative, non-traditional source of small business financing. Read on to learn more. What Are Hard Money [...]

What Is A Hard Money Loan?

The definition of hard money loan is: A last resort loan or short-term loan to close a bridge or gap in your finances. A hard money loan is not based on credit but it backed by the overall value of the property.  Due to the property being [...]

Uses For A Hard Money Loan in 2020

Hard money loans are a type of loan that is usually not issued by a bank but by a private money source. Hard money loans can be very helpful in short term investments or real estate endeavours. They are usually know for their fast funding, higher interest [...]

Defaulting On A Hard Money Loan

The source of hard money is private individuals who want high interest returns on their cash loans. Investors utilize these loans to purchase properties that banks do not normally offer loans on. The loans often carry interest rates in excess of twelve percent, however. Loan Structure The [...]

Hard Money Loan Rates

The average interest rate for a hard money loan is 11.25% with rates varying from 7.5% to 15% for the US in 2020. Hard money lenders also charge "points" and each point is the equivalent of one percent of the loan. These points help to cover the [...]

Hard Money Loan Versus All Cash Offers

Real estate investors, people with questionable credit and those needing a transitional bridge loan often use hard money loans for financing. Offered by investment groups, they need an equity investment greater than commercial loans but they are easier to obtain. Offers A seller faced with either an [...]

Residential Hard Money Lending

In real estate financing, "residential hard money" is a non bank loan on a property. Other names used for this inclide bridge loans, no doc loans and private loans. In the case of a residential hard money loan, the assets of the borrowers are given overall consideration [...]

Paying Off Your Hard Money Loan

Utilize Proceeds From Selling The Property This is a favored strategy for those who fix and flip homes. The hard money loan gives investors an opportunity to purchase properties very quickly and after making improvements, the investor sells the property for considerably more than what they paid [...]

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Fill out our hard money loan application below. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s secure!
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