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Hard Money Lender Reviews Phoenix

Are you searching for “Hard Money Lender Reviews” in Phoenix? If you are, it likely means you’re looking for hard money loans, and want a trustworthy company to service them. If so, Brad Loans by eMortgage Inc. can help! Take a look at our five star reviews and testimonials below.

5 Star Review On Yelp:This company is a rare find in today’s market. They are honest, upfront and ethical in all of their dealings. They honor their commitments and go above and beyond to help throughout the process and thereafter. Brad and Amber are an absolute pleasure to deal with and are always willing to answer any questions. They are the real deal!!Bukky R.

5 Star Review On Yelp:Bran loans .com by eMortgage  is a true asset for anyone making a financial decision in today’s world of creative lending. They truly care about their clients and make the process very easy to navigate through. You can rely on their performance to follow their word, well organized and highly responsive to any request and flexible enough to accommodate client specific needs. Bran loans .com is not just a regular lender to me -IS A TRUSTED BUSINESS PARTNER and I always recommend working with them.Luz G.

5 Star Review On Yelp: I have been using Brad @ eMortgage for over 8 yrs.  I have used his financing for find and flips, and find and holds….He does exactly what he says he will do and when it will be done.  In today’s market, those 2 qualities are hard to find.  He will look at ways to help make a deal work rather than not.  He is always my first “go to lender”.  Amber is a joy to work with and is very knowledgeable…As an investor, he is one to have on your team as a power player! He will do what others aren’t willing.Stacey H.

5 Star Review On Yelp: I love “First Time Homeowners”!  As an realtor it is so rewarding to see their faces when they finally get the keys to their first home!  

Some, however, cannot get a mortgage through a bank or government. But BradLoans of emortgage has been there for many people in need of a mortgage. Brad talked with my clients and helped them through the process.

At signing, Amber was so patient, explaining every question and concern my clients had.  As their realtor I was also kept informed. It was pleasure working with both of them… and my clients are so very happy!
Thank you!
Cheryl L.

5 Star Review On Yelp: I’m a Real Estate Agent and had the pleasure of working with Brad and Amber.  This was a very smooth and flawless transaction.  Both Brad and Amber were a huge help and were always available to answer any questions I had.  I know who I will be referring my clients to.  Thank You For EverythingJared S.

5 Star Review On Yelp: E-Mortgage is a hard money lender who is interested in helping people through the good and the bad times.  When you least expect it, you discover E-Mortgage and more importantly, the two people who are behind the name, Brad and Amber.  They were re-assuring and a pleasure to work with from the very first phone call.  They are supportive and honest, and they provided sound guidance during the entire process.  They shared their knowledge and experience, and showed that they really care about helping the people they are working with. I am thankful that they were able to provide a much needed service. The unexpected surprise was the personal touch and caring Brad and Amber bring to the process; it is real!N M.

5 Star Review On Google: Brad Loans is the way to go. Easy – FAST and Friendly. I have taken 2 home loans out with Brad and both experiences were wonderful. Thank you Brad and Amber!Desert Wide Properties

Amber M.

“From the day I met Brad I knew that he was one of the good guys. I had apprehensions as so many do with the way that alternative financing has been painted by what happened but after working with him for the past 7 years I have grown to respect him as a person and for what he offers his customers. He is humbled by their stories and very generous, donating his time and money at every chance he gets. Brad is the epitome of main street America and the chance he offers customers who have been turned away from the dream of home ownership is unparalleled.”

Desert Wide Properties

“Brad Loans is the way to go. Easy – FAST and Friendly. I have taken 2 home loans out with Brad and both experiences were wonderful. Thank you Brad and Amber!”

Mark H.

“Brad is a consummate professional who works extremely hard to meet the needs and expectations of his clients. I recommend him highly.”

Sharon G.

“Brad follows through with his clients in all aspects, goes over the figures and settlement statement with his clients and makes sure that they understand the product.”

Jennifer D.

“Brad Gilbertson really knows his real estate and real estate finance! One of the few people I have known in the industry with integrity.”

Nathaniel T.

“Brad is the lender on a residential property that I purchased, and he has been very professional and easy to work with.”

Greg E.

“I have known Brad for over 25 years and he has always been a hardworking and honest individual. His clients are very important to him and he is there to help them and make their lives easier.”

Brenda C.

“Brad is a professional with high ethical standards, professionalism and honesty. His work is impeccable and especially his sense of humanity to support families in the community by offering financial products they can trust. Brad does volunteer work with children looking to motivate them to become better and improve the country.”

Paige T.

“Brad knows what he is doing. He works fast, is ethical and friendly and makes sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. I am so glad I found BradLoans!”

 Lisa H.

“Thank you for always making my loan process easy and fast. You are very appreciated!”

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Are you searching for "Hard Money Lender Reviews" in Phoenix? That most likely means your are looking for hard money loans and want a trustworthy company to service them. If so, Brad Loans by eMortgage Inc can help! Take a look at our reviews and testimonials below.
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