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Searching for private investors in Arizona or Phoenix to invest in a real estate venture?  If so Brad Loans by eMortgage can help!  We have been working in the real estate investing for decades and lend hard money to help you get secure great opportunities.  We offer hard money loans for both fix & flip investments along with owner occupant loans in Phoenix, Arizona.

Private Investor Definition

A private investor is an individual who invests their own personal funds into real estate ventures or other business ventures.  Private investors are an alternative to traditional bank financing which loans more based on the merits of a investment opportunity than solely lending on credit history. BradLoans by eMortgage has been offering hard money loans for real estate purchases for decades in the Phoenix Valley

Why Real Estate Investors Use Private Investor Money

There are a number of reasons that real estate investors choose to seek, use, and prefer private investors and hard money loans.  First of all traditional banks typically do not like to make short term loans for fix & flip real estate investments, where as a private investor probably has their own fix and flip or rental properties.  Hard money loans from private investors are the quickest way to get funding for real estate purchases, so you can get to the opportunities faster than competition.  Getting the money fast in Phoenix is the key to getting the best properties to flip as it is one of the fastest growing markets in the nation.  Private investors have easier requirements for loan qualification, while banks typically have red tape for months.  With Brad Loans private investing it is quick and easy to get the private investor loan you need to buy the great opportunity you have likely already found.

  • Faster loan approval than banks
  • Easier loan requirements
  • Private investors loan for short term
  • Great for fix & flip opportunities

Private money is the perfect source for local real estate investments.

Private Investors Usually lend based on location, interests, and goals:

  • Investors usually lend to those who are located within the city or state which they do business in
  • Private investors are prepared to take investment risks which could result in capital loss yet they still make the investment
  • Private investors will usually lend money to those with bed credit or no credit
  • As long as you can put down a deposit and agree to the loan terms, private money is a solid investment vehicle

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