Flagstaff Hard Money Loans

Brad Loans by eMortgage should be your first choice when it come to searching for hard money lenders or hard money loans in Flagstaff, AZ. We are here to help you with all of your real estate needs! We have a wide array of hard money loan programs to select from. From getting a new home to rehabilitating a property, to property investment, or starting a fix and flip project, our programs make it easy for you to partner with us by selecting an option that fits the needs of your project. We can’t wait to help you!

Flagstaff – A Great Place To Live!

Flagstaff, AZ located just two and a half hours north of Phoenix is one of the most vibrant cities in Arizona. With a population of around 72,000, the housing market in Flagstaff is thriving as people continue to relocate there or upgrade their properties to make the most of the beautiful location. At around 6900 feet above sea level, Flagstaff enjoys a four season climate and the residents love exploring the beautiful forests of Coconino county and beyond.

Flagstaff is also the home of Northern Arizona University giving a youthful vibe to the town countered by the “old west” feel of the towns origins and the famous original Route 66 Highway, that goes right through the town. People from all over the world visit this strip of highway in Flagstaff as part of their Americana experience! In such a booming town, there has never been a better time to invest in real estate in Flagstaff or to fix and flip a house as people are constantly looking to make Flagstaff their new home!

Flagstaff Hard Money Loans

Brad Loans is Arizona’s premier private hard money lender. Offering hard money loans for various situations like, private refinancing, buy and hold loans and fix and flip loans; we issue hard money loans with a maximum LTV of 70%. Lending rates start at 14.99% and loan terms. We do not require borrowers to have a great credit rating to receive a loan. We will consider varying lending requests but mainly focus on single and multi family residences.

“Hard Money Loans Saved My House”

Brad Loans is the way to go. Easy – FAST and Friendly. I have taken 2 home loans out with Brad and both experiences were wonderful. Thank you Brad and Amber! –  Desert Wide Properties.

Read our 5 star reviews on Google to see how our hard money lending services help property buyers! 

Flagstaff’s Top Hard Money Lenders

Brad Loan by eMortgage is Flagstaff’s hard money lender!  Whether you are owner occupants, property investors, or investing in fix and flip projects, and more, we can get you the funding you need to make your project a reality when the banks say no. Our hard money loans are faster, easier to qualify for, and simply are an easier lending experience. It pays to check out Brad Loan!  Click here to start your hard money loan application.

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