Uses For A Hard Money Loan in 2020

Hard money loans are a type of loan that is usually not issued by a bank but by a private money source. Hard money loans can be very helpful in short term investments or real estate endeavours. They are usually know for their fast funding, higher interest rates and no hassle quick loan approvals. If the interest rates are higher, you would think people would not want to get a hard money loan right? That’s false, below are 6 reasons to use hard money loans when you can’t get financing from bank or other lenders.

Hard Money Loan Uses Include:

  1. Ultra Fast Funding: Sometimes the perfect real estate opportunity comes up at the drop of a dime and you don’t have time to wait for a bank loan. When bidding on a property you are going to need either cash or hard money lending in place of that cash. You don’t want to miss a profitable opportunity when it comes.
  2. Fix & Flip or Rehab Properties: Banks usually wont fund fix and flip or rehab properties because they pose too much risk. Often the most profitable real estate opportunities require repairs, cosmetic rehab and past due maintenance. The only way to make these costly repairs quickly and easily is to either have the cash or be funded by a hard money or private money lender.
  3. No Credit or Bad Credit: Do you have no credit or bad credit and want a traditional bank loan? Good luck! Banks don’t want to lend you money unless you have some already to cover the loan just in case you can’t pay it back. Now, if you had the money you would of already funded the project yourself right? Of course you would but you don’t and that why hard money lenders are your saving grace! The don’t care about credit as long as you have equity or collateral for the loan. Even people with a bankruptcy or foreclosure on their credit history can still get hard money loans.
  4. Construction Loans: Whether you’re a home owner or contractor and planning on building your dream home, building a four plex, borrowing to finish and unfinished home, remodeling your existing home or building a 5 spec home, hard money loans can help at any stage of construction to help you get these projects completed when bank won’t fund your construction loan.
  5. Unable to Get Traditional Bank Loans: Traditional lenders have very tough criteria to meet in order to receive a loan. Traditional banks usually won’t offer loans for: People with bad or no credit, fix and flip opportunities, finishing or building new construction or buying or purchasing land. Hard money lenders will fund all of these endeavors and more.
  6. Land Loans: There are many different forms of land including Raw Land, Developed Land and more. From a single lot of land to a subdivision. If your land is surrounded by commercial buildings or other houses you will find a hard money lender much easier. This will give the Land lender good insight about the value of the property.

Phoenix Hard Money Real Estate Loans

If you’re interested in getting involved with real estate investing and need the capital to purchase properties hard money is a great way to get started.  Brad Loans has extensive experience in both real estate investing and hard money lending and is proud to offer Phoenix Valley real estate investors the financing they need.  It is easy to get started applying for hard money loan and Brad Loans is able to work with clients with bad credit and no credit. We are your source for hard money when traditional banks say no.  Read more about Brad Loan’s hard money loan programs or get started fill out our hard money loan application or give us a call to ask questions at 602-999-9499.

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