Investment Property Loans No Money Down

Investment Property Loans No Money Down

Are you looking for ways to get an investment property loan with no money down? Are you interested in purchasing property, but just don’t have any money for the down payment? Don’t want to have cash locked-up in the purchase of property? There’s good news, it is possible for you to purchase property and not have to be concerned with either of these issues. It is now possible for you to buy property without having any money to put down on it.

10 Ways To Get an Investment Property Loan With No Money Down:

  1. Include the down payment in with the purchase price: There are lenders out there that are willing to give you 100% financing on your purchase, they will use your credit rating and lending history for this. Getting financed 100% causes your interest rate to go up, as well as your making your payments a bit higher. Of course, this is nothing to worry about if your intentions are to resell quickly anyway, for your profit margin will not be effected very much.
  2. The down payment can be negotiated in a separate installment plan: Sometimes you can find a seller that is willing to let you make monthly payments on the down payment and this can be done through a separate installment plan through a lender.
  3. Use something besides cash for trading: You do not always have to use cash for trading, as there are sellers that will except things such as a vehicle, boat, land, jewelry, and collectible items, as well as other valuables. It is a matter of finding out what it is they are wanting or what they may be in need of. Some sellers may also be willing to except payments in trade of services, such as carpentry work, automobile mechanical work, dental work, among other things, services that can be performed over a period of time.
  4. Trade the seller one property for another: You can even find sellers that are willing to trade the property they are selling in exchange for another property. For instance, the seller may be willing to exchange their property for several small rentals. This is also a way to legally get around the capital gains involved when selling a property.
  5. Mortgage transfer: It is common during foreclosures for a homeowner to work with a buyer, and because they are in a hurry to sell they will sometimes be will to transfer the mortgage over to the buyer. This type of deal is done as a assignment of contract, with the sale being closed efficiently.
  6. Banks having Loan Assistance Programs: Check with different banks to find out which one’s are offering Loan Assistance Programs. These are programs that let buyers purchase real estate properties with little or no money for the down payment.
  7. Have an investment partner: Get someone to be your investment partner. An investment partner would put up some of the money needed for the down payment or they can put it all up, leaving you to make the payments on a monthly basis and share the profits from resale when they come in.
  8. Locate a property that has a lease with the option of buying or a rent to own: After having a lease with the option of purchasing for five years, and you hold to the agreement during this time, you can purchase it with a bank loan.
  9. Houses that are owner financed or offer a land contract: This is where you find a seller that is willing to let you make your payments directly to them, including its interest rate amount. Once you have been making payments for three to five years you should be able to have enough equity in the house to qualify for a standard bank loan, which you would use to give the seller a lump sum for the balance owed on the house.
  10. If you have property already you can use it as equity for an equity line of credit: If a property you already owned has establish equity, that can be used for a down payment towards the purchase of some more property.

Brad Loans Is a Hard Money Lender Offering No Money Down Loans

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